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About Us

Sylvia and Frans

In Mexico 2015

We met on the West Coast of New Zealand in January 2000 while we were working and travelling there. Four months later we bought 'Moet' and spent the next 12 years sailing in the South Pacific and Asia. 'Moet' was sold in Borneo, and in 2014 we became the new owners of 'Sangvind' - to begin another sailing adventure!

Frans grew up in Holland where he learnt to sail on his family's boat on the Westeinder Lakes. He had his first dinghy as a birthday present at 6 years old, and he bought his first keel boat at 19. At 25 he sailed his third boat, a classic gaff cutter, the 'Zuiderkruis' from Holland across to the Outer Hebrides, and around the coasts of Scotland and England. He studied Psychology in Amsterdam, and after working for a while in Holland travelled to Australia and NZ with the plan of buying another boat and eventually sailing home.

Sylvia grew up in England. She had never sailed before, but grew up in a small village with a love for the outdoors, cycling and hiking. At 18 she moved to Cornwall to be close to the sea, and bought an old '72 VW campervan which began her love of the nomadic life. She studied Sociology in Brighton, and travelled to NZ when she was 20, where she met Frans and embarked on a life at sea.

Dylan was born in NZ in 2004 and has spent most of his life on the water. One of his first words was 'dinghy' and he learnt to walk and to swim on the beaches of Fiji. Jayden was born in NZ in 2008 and sailing to Tonga was his first ocean passage, age 5 months. The boat and the ocean are their playground.

You can contact us on: fransandsylvia@hotmail.com

When we are sailing we only have very infrequent email access so we may not get a chance to reply immediately! If you want to be put on our mailing list please let us know, and we will keep you updated with our travels.

Dylan Huber

Jayden Huber