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Join as crew in the South Pacific and sail in New Zealand on Sangvind!

Bay of Islands


7th - 28th January 2018.
New Zealand, Bay of Islands and Great Barrier Island. 3 spaces left.

14th - 28th April 2018
New Zealand, Bay of Islands and Great Barrier Island.

We will be taking crew for 3 weeks in January 2018, and 2 weeks in April, sailing and exploring in the North Island of NZ. Beautiful bay of Islands, Great Barrier Island and other offshore islands; bird sanctuaries, fantastic hiking trails, swimming, snorkelling, camping on deserted beaches, surfing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, kayaking etc.... Taking our time to explore this wonderful coastline. We have room for up to 4 crew and are putting a group of people together now. Email us to be part of the crew on either of these trips! fransandsylvia@hotmail.com

Anchorages and hiking everywhere in Great Barrier Island


Xochitl, sailed Mexico, 2015.

Firstly, you don't need to have any previous sailing experience to come on this trip. We will teach you everything you need to learn, and you can learn as little or as much as you like. To get the most out of the experience, we like to encourage people to take an active role in all aspects of the lifestyle - from sail handling, anchoring and navigating, to catching and preparing fish or cooking the evening meal. You do need to have a good level of fitness for daily aspects of boat life, such as climbing in and out of the dinghy and onto the boat.

The most important qualities that we are looking for in people are those who are adventurous, fun-loving, and above all, easy-going. When you step on the boat you are entering another reality; a completely different lifestyle full of challenges, possibilites and new experiences. You need to be able to adapt and have an open attitude towards new people and situations and to really enjoy life! And in return we hope to offer you a once in a lifetime experience!

Jimmy and Heather, sailed Mexico 2015.


Exploring Baja, Mexico

Lifting anchor, hoisting the sails, watching dolphins and turtles swim past, exploring deserted islands, caves and waterfalls, meeting with village chiefs, playing guitar with the locals, making new friends, swimming, snorkelling, surfing, spearfishing, hiking, parties and barbeques on the beach, having the time to relax, to read, to paint, to let your imagination wander as the sun sets - this is all part of life aboard 'Sangvind' consists of.

Cruising life is a healthy, active and simple life. It can also be exhausting and frustrating at times - some days you'll find yourself battling fierce headwinds or violent squalls, or you'll be bobbing about waiting for wind - and the weather won't always allow you to go where you want. This is all part of the challenge of sailing, and adds to the adventure.

Your morning bath is a refreshing dive straight from your bunk into the warm tropical waters, full of stunning marine life. The food you eat is fresh from the local gardens; pineapples, papayas, bananas, tomatoes, peppers, yams, sweet potatoes, coconuts; or your own catch of the day, supplemented from the ships stores, rice, pasta, beans etc. We make homemade yoghurt each day, and bake bread or cakes a couple of times a week, and there is often opportunities to sample the local food on shore and sometimes to have barbeques on the beach.

Jayden enjoying the view

We find that having two young boys on board only adds to the adventure! Life is seen with fresh young eyes and anything and everything can become a game. They also seem to be great at making friends with the locals everywhere we go. With Dylan and Jayden on board, our days tend to start early, and can be noisy, but there is often a chance for an afternoon seista. It also means we have a ton of lego on board!

Sailing days are every few days - we like to hang out in a place awhile before moving on. After breakfast you've pulled up the anchor, hoisted the sails and set the course, with the smell of freshly-brewed coffee rising up the companionway. Once sailing, you relax into the groove of the sea; with a book on the forepeak, lounging in the sun playing guitar, or behind the wheel steering a course to the next island. Some sails are longer than others, and may involve night passages, taking watches as the moon rises. It is a magical feeling to be at the helm at night with only the stars for company.

Arriving after an exhilerating passage to a quiet, tropical anchorage is one of the most satisfying things in the world. The boat stops moving, the sails come down, the anchor rattles to the ground. A new shore to explore awaits. Some go to shore, some go for a snorkel or surf, or a swim or to fish, others simply relax. After a good days sailing, watching the sun go down over a tranquil lagoon, you'll sleep soundly ready to awaken for another day in paradise.

Frans windsurfing in Baja, Mexico from oceannomads on Vimeo.


sailing full sail

'Sangvind' is a 48 foot, 1982 Bruce Farr designed sailboat. She is a fast and comfortable ocean cruiser, but she is an older yacht, a bit rough around the edges and with all the charm of a much loved and used sailboat.

She has room to sleep 8-10 people - there are 2 single bunks, 3 double berths (one of which has its own separate cabin), and an additional 2 singles in the saloon. She has an open plan design, so living space is fairly communal. 'Sangvind' is not a luxury yacht - there is no fridge or fresh water shower (we bathe in the warm ocean). There is a good sized galley (ships kitchen) with oven / grill / hobs; and a head (ships toilet). There are also 2 sofas, a large dining/games table, a roomy cockpit and plenty of deckspace, which is where we spend much of our time.

music and fires with friends, Fiji


1400 GBP per person, all inclusive of meals on board, for the 3 week trip.
950 GBP per person, all inclusive of meals on board, for the 2 week trip.

Costs are for: food and board, plus the boat and all that comes with it. This goes towards daily living costs, mooring fees, custom fees, boat fuel, running maintainence costs and equipment and preparations. We have lots of toys on board you can use - sailing dinghy, kayak, stand-up paddleboard, windsurfer, speargun and fishing equipment, surfboards, bodyboards, stunt kite, guitars, keyboard, harmonicas. Bring your own instruments too if you play, and bring surfboards, kite equipment, there's room for a lot of gear on deck! 'Sangvind' also has a good selection of books (sailing stories and theory, novels and non-fiction) and a big box of lego too!. And of course, the cost includes what is priceless, the experience of sailing around some of the world's most beautiful islands, only accessible by private yacht.

Not included -

- flight tickets
- transfer costs between airport and yacht
- any transport costs outside the yacht
- visas / entry permits
- alcohol
- restaurant / bar expenses
- activities outside the yacht (eg. diving, admission charges for events etc)

Boats and the cruising life are obviously very expensive. To get to do this takes many years of hard work labouring on the boat, plus all our time and money. We want to be able to share our lifestyle with other adventurous, like minded individuals, and we try to keep the costs to participate relatively low. In this way we hope to make it affordable for as many people as possible. It is a non-profit initiative, the costs are reflective of the high costs of maintaining a sailing yacht, and all the trip costs go either into the trip itself or into the annual maintenance costs of the boat.

You can contact us on: fransandsylvia@hotmail.com

When we are sailing we have infrequent email access so we may not get a chance to reply immediately, but we will do so as soon as we can!

We have a paddleboard you can use....

It also doubles up as a windsurfer (we have an adult rig and a kids rig)...

There is a 2 person kayak (or 1 adult and 2 kids!)....

And a sailing dinghy too....

Bring your own surfboards and kiting gear!